CREA is a cluster of companies, research institutions and universities operating in the field of technologies for water works, water and waste management and renewable energy sources. Members of the cluster jointly participate in research, development and innovation of products, promotion of the field, presentations and implementation of projects in the Czech Republic and in the world.


The cluster's vision is to increase the competitiveness of Czech companies in the field of water-related technologies, both on domestic and worldwide markets.


The main goals of the association include:
• Support research, development, and innovation to increase the competitiveness of cluster members
• Promote regional, interregional, and cross sectoral cooperation for the industry's development in the Czech and worldwide
• Develop international cooperation and internationalization in the industry

The main activities of the association:

• Development of new methods to enhance the safety of water infrastructure

• Development of special technologies and methodologies for water management in the landscape

• Development of special technologies for harnessing water energy

• Development of special technologies for water purification and treatment

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