Water, something so commonplace and yet so precious. Human societies have always depended on drinking water. Water is necessary for any development of life here on earth. ABO valve, a manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves, gate valves and other fittings, is aware of this and helps companies that handle and manage water, but not only them, their product portfolio can be found in de facto every industry where any medium has to be transported and regulated in pipes or flows out of tanks. We are a purely Czech family company from Olomouc-Chomoutov, which this year celebrates 30 years since the company was founded by Mr. Ing. Miroslav Student. Now the company is run by the second generation, daughter Petra Pohořská as sales director and her husband Pavel Pohořský as managing director.

But let's go back to water and the trends that accompany it. In recent times, in the context of climate change, we have been faced with demands from companies to "recycle water" and the resulting reuse of both drinking and drinking water. In this context, the term "new water" is used. Coincidentally, our biggest project before Covid, as the general supplier of fittings for the Marina East Desalination Plant (4th Water Desalination Plant), was in Singapore. This desalination plant treats both seawater and rainwater into usable water. The value of the contract was over USD 1.8 Mil.

In the Czech and Slovak market we mostly supply solutions for WWTPs (wastewater treatment plants), water treatment plants, pumping and pumping stations, food processing plants, fittings for modernization and reconstruction of existing plants. We do not offer only the products themselves, but a complete flow control solution, including automation and all accessories. For the water industry segment, it is important to use valves with long service life, high material durability and surface coating to achieve maximum process efficiency and financial savings.

Our products comply with strict standards and requirements. Every year the company invests in the renewal of certificates, for supply to various industries. For our core product, centric butterfly valves, we have more than 20 cuff choices. The cuff is the soul of the butterfly valve and the butterfly is its heart, the life of the entire valve depends on the appropriate choice of these components. The life of the entire valve depends on its proper choice. Our research and development continuously expands the product portfolio and responds flexibly to market requirements.

Our references in the Czech Republic include the supply of valves to the Kárany waterworks, which is the main source of drinking water for our capital city. Since we are a company from Moravia and our region is our castle, you can find our valves in local water treatment plants such as Bzenec, Kroměříž or Hodonín Spa. Cooperation with Czech and Slovak companies is very important for us. Thanks to our high quality and fast service, we have gained trust as a stable and reliable partner.

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