Processes used to extract sugar from sugar cane, involve harsh conditions and require uninterrupted production. This demands valves that provide continuous, dependable performance for high productivity and high up-time. ABO valves can control or shut off the flow of fluids with A class tightness. More than 16 different types of seats and more than 9 types of disc and various body materials are available to perform the best at different temperature ranges, pressure, and media.  

ABO provides valves solution for every step in Cane sugar processing: crushing beets or cane sugar, juice heating and filtration, crystallization to create crystals of raw sugar, followed by centrifugation to remove any remaining juice or syrup. We got you covered for these harsh conditions: steam handling, caustic chemicals, dirty/viscous media, solid sugar crystals and erosive massecuite in sugar processing. Sugar mills around the world choose ABO valves to solve the flow control. See our Resilient seated butterfly valves or High performance butterfly valves.

Quality product and safety are our main concerns, we have implemented QC procedures at various the stages of valve production, starting at the material input, in production control and finally 100% of all valves produced, are tested for tightness, and have to pass strict output QC. 

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