It has developed significantly over the last three decades and further significant changes can be expected in the context of the sustainability strategy for chemicals, the so-called "Green Deal". In this context, as a manufacturer of industrial valves with a 30-year tradition, we feel a responsibility to deliver solutions that can cope in the long term not only with aggressive and chlor-alkali media, without the need for frequent replacement of valves in the piping system, but also with the time and cost savings required for system shutdown.

Our Czech family-owned company places a major emphasis on quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process, including parts receiving, production and final testing. We use state-of-the-art 3D technology in our manufacturing process, where this advanced measurement method allows us to obtain detailed information about the geometry and dimensions of the parts while ensuring high accuracy in accordance with our specifications. Another key element of our manufacturing process is quality control, where we perform visual inspection, corrosion resistance tests as well as pressure and functional tests. Each year the company invests in the renewal of certificates, for supply to different industries. For the process industry we offer the S500 "chemical butterfly valves", as well as our "energy line" of double eccentricity valves for higher pressures and temperatures.  

What makes our range of chemical valves different?

The internal parts of the S599 valves are made of pure PTFE or coated with PTFE. This is Polytetrafluoroethylene, which is characterized by high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, brines, but can also cope with demineralized water. Its lower resistance to abrasive particles (sand, rust or other solid particles) must be taken into account. Temperature range -40 to +200 degrees Celsius. We also produce valves with conductive PTFE, these have the same resistance as pure PTFE, but in addition can be used in dusty environments where there is a risk of explosion.

The valves have been tested at the Physical Technical Testing Institute in Ostrava. As another option we offer a material version of the cuff and the coated disc with UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), this material is characterized by high resistance to abrasive particles and at the same time meets high chemical resistance, similar to PTFE. Its temperature range is from -20 to +85 degrees Celsius. For less chemically aggressive media, we can offer a combination of a cuff made of the above materials together with a super duplex disc and shaft.

Our references in the Czech Republic include the supply of valves to a leading manufacturer of paper and packaging materials for pulp processing and condensate treatment. Furthermore, these include supplies to a major chemical and pharmaceutical company for brine and pharmaceutical production. Supplies to a refining and petrochemical group, for acid distribution and alkali dosing. It is also worth mentioning the supplies to companies involved in the production of chemical equipment and companies that process phosphoric acid with a concentration of more than 50 %.

Cooperation with Czech and Slovak companies is very important for us. Thanks to our high quality and fast service we have gained trust as a stable and reliable partner.

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