PTFE lined butterfly valves Series 500

Bidirectional bubble-tight concentric butterfly valves of Series 500 with PTFE sealing are offered for very clean manufacturig environments and are used in various industries like: pure industrial water treatment, chemical industry (acids, alkalines), pharmaceutical/sanitary industry, food and beverage industry, paper industry, pulp processing, corrosive, toxic and caustic media, production of chlorine, dyes manufacturing and processing. Basic properties: concentric design, compact PTFE „TRIM”, 3 mm PTFE coated disc, possible both vertical and horizontal pipe mounting, fully tight in shut position, suitable as shut-off and control valve, easy installation, actuating stem sealing prevents media leaking to environs, extended neck design allows for piping insulation and enables easy access for actuator mounting, steel PTFE impregnated bearings pro- vide exact support of stem and pivot, top flange according to standard ISO 5211 enables variable control by means of various actuator types, red epoxy coating acc. RAL 2002 – 80 μm (as a standard).

Body construction: WAFER / LUG

Face to face acc. to: EN 558 Series 20;  ISO 5752 Series 20

Connection between flanges: EN 1092-1; DIN 2631-32; ASME B16.5

Top flange acc. to: EN ISO 5211

Marking acc. to: EN 19

Tightness check acc. to: EN 12266-1, rate A; ISO 5208, rate A

Applications: Water treatment, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, toxic media, caustic media, dyes, etc.



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