Double offset butterfly valves Series 2E

The 2E-series double offset butterfly valves are industrial fittings intended for full opening or closing flow. They may be also used for a rough flow control. The valves are designed for operation with very hard industrial conditions demanding safety, reliability and minimum maintenance like for example: nuclear energy industry, water treatment, gas pipe-works, chemical industry, metallurgy (and heavy industry in general), pulp and paper-making industry, shipbuilding industry, oil and petrochemical industry, heat recovery, steam heating, processing hydrocarbons, fuel storage in aviation industry. Basic properties: double offset design, eccentric disc position in the body, pre- cise connection of the disc with the stem and pivot, exact shaft and pivot bearing in the slide bushings, split sealed stem – bigger Kv, high efficiency of opening and closing valve, easy operation, easy assembly and installation, vacuum max. 0,01 bar abs. (version R-PTFE), standardized top flange according to ISO 5211 enabling mount various ty- pes of actuator (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic), ATEX certified for explosive atmosphere, option: TA-Luft sealed valve – stem is sealed with a special graphite gland.

DN: 50 – 800

Body construction: Wafer, Lug

Face to face acc. to: EN 558 Series 20 (DIN 3202 T3 K1); ISO 5752 Series 20; API 609 Table 1; EN 593

Flange accommodation acc. to: EN 1092-1, 2; ANSI B16.5, Class 150; BS10 Table D and E

Flange surface design acc. to: EN 1092-1, 2; ANSI RF

Top flange acc. to: EN ISO 5211; NF E 29-402

Marking acc. to: EN 19

Tightness check acc. to: EN 12266 T3 BO (leakage rate 1); EN 12266 T3 BN (leakage rate 1); ISO 5208, Category 3; API 598 Table 5; ANSI / FC 70-2-2006 Class VI

Applications: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemistry, Chemistry, District Heating


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