Concentric butterfly valves Series 900

Wafer/Lug/Double flanged concentric butterfly valves of Series 900 are resistant soft-sealing valves designed for industrial applications like: purification, treatment and distribution of potable or waste water, waste slurry treatment, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, conveying and distribution of sea and industrial water, distribution of light chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oils and oil derivatives, distribution of sugar juice, food industry applications, conveying loose materials, pulp and paper industry, gas distribution, dust or gas explosive environment (zones 0, 1; 20 and 21; except mining environment). Basic properties: concentric design, bi-directional design, wafer/lug type with split stem, disc is moved by stem with diagonally fit square-end stem, pivot plug enables to dismantle the valve (valid for wafer/lug valves up to DN 400), pin cover at DN450-DN600, body long neck according to the regulations of thermoprocessing equipment, red epoxy coating acc. RAL 2002-80 μm, certified by DWGV for potable water and gas, ABS certified – PED certificate, ACS certification.

Body construction: DN 32 – 1600

Face to face acc. to: EN 558 Series 20 (DIN 3202 T3 K1); ISO 5752 Series 20; EN 593

Flange accomodation acc. to: EN 1092-1, 2; ANSI B16.5, Class 150; BS10 Table D and E

Flange surface design acc. to: EN 1092-1, 2; ANSI RF

Top flange acc. to: EN ISO 5211; NF E 29-402

Marking acc. to: EN 19

Tightness check acc. to: EN 12266; ISO 5208, Category 3; ANSI/FC 70-2-2006 Class VI

Applications: Industrial Processing, Water & Wastewater, HVAC, Food & Beverage, Gas


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