Concentric butterfly valves Series 600

Concentric butterfly valves Series 600 are used at various industries like: potable water treatment and production, heating, distribution of hot water, ventilation, air conditioning, natural gas, propane and butane gas (bottle gas), coal gas. Basic properties: concentric design, split stem, pressed connection (for brass disc), body long neck according to the regu- lations of thermoprocessing equipment, red epoxy coating according to RAL 2002 – 80 μm.

Body construction: DN 32 – 150

Face to face acc. to: EN 558 Series 20 (DIN 3202 T3 K1); ISO 5752 Series 20; EN 593

Flange accommodation acc. to: EN 1092-1, 2; ANSI B16.5, Class 150; BS10 Table D and E

Flange surface design acc. to: 
EN 1092-1, 2; ANSI RF

Top flange acc. to: EN ISO 5211; NF E 29-402

Marking acc. to: EN 19

Tightness check acc. to: EN 12266; ISO 5208, Category 3; ANSI/FC 70-2-2006 Class VI

Applications: Industrial Processing, Potable water, HVAC, gas


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