Company objectives

1. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the first priority of our company. We maintain close partnership relations and we obtain from our partners as much information as possible about their needs so that we can accommodate and offer them the best suitable products, individual solutions and quality advisory.

2. Increasing qualifications of our employees and company partners

Training ABO staff and partners is considered to be an important part of the ABO business concept. Our partners are offered an opportunity to participate in a training program called „ABO Academy“ whereby they are exposed practical as well as theoretical series of trainings with focus on ABO products and their application in various areas of industries. ABO employees have the opportunity to participate in numerous series of trainings including sales, marketing, product and technical courses. In addition to this, language trainings are available to our staff.

3. Achieving economic targets

Positive economic results secure long-term existence and they have good influence on the employment in the region. Profit based on production optimalisation, innovations, careful planning and responsible management is indispensable for the further development of the company. Our effort to achieve economic success is in balance with our responsibility towards the society and the environment.

4. Good suppliers’ relations

Suppliers’ relations can affect the quality of our products and services significantly and therefore we establish partnership relations with pre-verified suppliers in order to be able to minimize costs while continuously improving our products.